What services do you offer?

My main service is writing blog posts and similar content, which can include my byline or be ghostwritten. I do not write press releases, news articles, grant proposals, resumes, speeches, and like content.

What are your rates?

My rates, like my services, are listed here. Rates may vary based on the project.

Can I see samples of your work?

Certainly. Here’s my portfolio.

How long have you been freelance writing?

I started freelance writing in November, 2010, so I have 7 years of experience.

Is this all you do?

Aside from freelance writing/blogging, I’m also a young adult fiction author. However, my clients always come first.

Where are you based?

I’m in Wisconsin, USA, so I’m running on Central Time.

Can we talk on the phone/Skype?

I am happy to share my contact information with people who have a real interest in working with me, but our first means of contact is almost always email.

I choose to keep my phone number and Skype name private for several reasons.

1) My schedule changes often, so it’s better if phone calls/Skype chats are scheduled beforehand.

2) It’s a lot easier for me to communicate via email. Then there’s no issues with bad call connections or trouble understanding accents.

So yes, we can chat via phone or Skype, but my preferred means of contact is email.

Can you include my link in your guest posts for other sites?

No, I can’t, but I would be happy to ghostwrite your guest posts for you. Read why I do this here.

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