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Alicia is one of the most motivated freelancers I have ever worked with. She takes directions and feedback and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is always committed to constant improvement and it shows. Her work just keeps getting better and better. I would recommend Alicia to any person looking to work with a quality freelance writer.

Raubi Perilli

Founder, Simply Stated Media

Alicia recently worked on a blog post for me over at She came up with the perfect topic for my audience without any input from myself. The finished post was written brilliantly and went down VERY well. If you have an opportunity to work with Alicia, go for it!

Adam Connell

Founder, Blogging Wizard

I have worked with Alicia for the last 6 months. I can’t say enough about Alicia . . . She is very responsive, articulate and easy to work with. She offers ideas in a professional way and I don’t think there has ever been I time that I needed to revise or edit any of her first drafts. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative, articulate and just overall great writer.

Lisa Stein

Owner, Freelance Mom

Alicia wrote a post for my blog that really got the readers talking. She provided actionable advice with a great sense of humour. Her grasp of content writing in theory and practice is a valuable asset, and she responded to my feedback during the creation process with an impressive level of understanding and precision. If you need a reliable, effective writer, I recommend Alicia.

Sophie Lizard

Founder, Be a Freelance Blogger

Alicia is a great person who always delivers the exact blog post or article that I’m looking for. She makes sure that everything is clear and understood for both sides (client & her). I’ve been using her to write articles about blogging and so far I’m very satisfied.

Robert Mening

Founder, Website Setup

Alicia is one of the best writers that I have ever worked with. She always comes up with creative ideas which drives a lot of engagement. She is personable, disciplined and someone who is willing to go an extra mile. I highly recommend her services.

Hasan Saleem

Founder, DSS Media

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