Blogging services for businesses serious about content marketing.

Are you too busy running your business to write blog posts on your own?

Then I’m your girl! I understand how to connect with people through words. (That’s why I hold a bachelor’s degree in communications and have written for major sites like ProBlogger.)

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs, community managers, and marketing agencies writing content for their business blogs or their clients’ blogs.

I also ghostwrite clients’ guest posts. However, I cannot pitch an idea to a blog on your behalf or link to/mention you on a site I contribute to.

I specialize in blogging, writing, and freelancing topics. You’ll also find me writing about social media, careers, health, lifestyle, and more.

My content is designed primarily for the reader and then for search engines, and the process is completely customizable based on your needs.

It’s not just about writing. I also:


Pitch blog post ideas

I believe will resonate with your audience.

Research statistics and case studies

that will make an impact on your readers.

Include images and screen shots

when they enhance the content.

Optimize the posts

for search engines.

Format blog posts

to make them attractive to readers.

Blogging Rates: $200/1,000 words

I understand how important it is for you to be able to budget. That’s why I don’t hide anything about my rates.

No, my services aren’t cheap, and that’s because I dedicate a lot of time and research into my blog posts to help maximize the impact of your content marketing strategy.

Just a few things to note:

  • I’ll never republish your post. Once you buy the content, it’s yours.
  • Every project is customizable. (This may affect pricing.)
  • Every project is quoted at a flat fee so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Custom monthly packages are available.

You can expect to pay $0.20 per word (or $200 per 1,000 words) for my blog writing services. Contact me for a custom quote.